11 February 2013

Take the Heat: Top Tips For Choosing Summer Walking Socks

Take the Heat: Top Tips For Choosing Summer Walking Socks

Although the weather may continue to be problematic for the next few coming months, there’s nothing stopping us preparing for our summertime adventures. Whether you’re counting down the days until you’re lounging by the pool at a thriving holiday resort, or instead brushing down your walking boots for a hike over some so far undiscovered and tranquil landscapes, selecting the right footwear is essential.

Summer provides us with the perfect opportunity to come across some truly exquisite scenery whilst breathing in some of that magical fresh country air. In order for us to make the most of the breath-taking moments that await us, we need the perfect combination of footwear and clothing to make it a comfortable experience.

Here, we take a look at what should be looked at when searching far and wide for both comfortable and supportive walking socks…


Although the British climate may be a little unpredictable, the duration of our walks or hikes will consist of warm conditions, especially for our feet - which are working overtime. To combat the inevitable, we need to find socks that offer breathability and comfort to avoid every walker’s nightmare: sore, tired, and worst of all smelly feet.

Keep an eye out for high cotton content in your walking socks which will provide a light yet comfortable sock to accompany you on your walking adventures throughout the year.


Your socks need to be ready for every terrain. Although your walking boots should be taking the majority of the impact, you need to be protecting your feet further with additional cushioning. This keeps your feet comfortable and relaxed, allowing them to function to its full potential. Gone are the days of painful blisters and dry, hard soles, a good pair of walking socks are on hand to protect you from the painful after-hike phase in the following days.


Whilst additional cushioning will provide your feet with some much-needed impact resistance, socks should also include a carefully designed protection system to prevent injuries. Look out for additional arch support to stop soreness, aches and pains as well as a cushioned heel to halt the development of blisters.

Our summer hikes are guaranteed to push our feet to the limit, so this means it’s essential that we give them the necessary comfort and protection for a pain-free walk – the way scenery should be enjoyed. Check out Hi-Tec’s range of comfortable and stylish walking socks that provide the perfect companion to your trusted walking boots today.

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