Ortholite is the world's leading supplier of insoles found in more than 70 million shoes each year, providing superior comfort, cushioning, breathability and anti-microbial function in a lightweight design.

Through advanced proprietary technology, OrthoLite produces the most consistent and reliable foam insoles available on the market.

OrthoLite is formed by combining virgin polyurethane (PU) and recycled rubber materials to create a product that has the strength properties and the breathability, moisture transport and anti-microbial function benefits found in open cell PU foams.

Fit and comfort remain constant from the day you buy the shoes until the day you buy your next pair.


OrthoLite offers the following features and benefits:

Long-Term Cushion Comfort - The unique spring-back technology means your insole will retain over 95% of its thickness over time and won't flatten out.

High Breathability - OrthoLite offers 95-100% breathability, allowing air to circulate in and around the insole, keeping the foot cooler inside the shoe.

Extreme Durability - OrthoLite offers a low density insole, providing high quality and performance with unmatched abrasion, wear and tear properties.

Anti-Microbial - The strength of OrthoLite's EPA/FDA approved environmentally friendly, patented biocide inhibit the build-up of bacteria.

Odour Fighting - Biocide also fights the build-up of odourous fungi.

Moisture Wicking - The unique structure of the foam used in OrthoLite insoles creates a moisture management system by moving moisture away from the foot, leaving it drier. The moisture absorption properties reduce friction and heat build-up inside the shoe.

Lightweight - OrthoLite is extremely lightweight providing performance without adding weight to the shoe.

Washable - OrthoLite insoles are washable and will maintain their shape and comfort after washing.