Dear Frank,

I just wanted to contact you to let you know how great I found your products.

I was due to walk up Snowdon (Wales) so I bought a pair of Hi Tec Hillside Waterproof walking boots.These were fantastic and outperformed many of the previous more expensive pairs I have used in the past. The conditions were very hard with extreme ice and snowy conditions and I'm glad they didn't let me down and I never lost my footing once.

Again, thank you,



Dear Frank,

Got my first (yes, first!) pair of Hi-Tec yesterday and wanted to let you know that I was mightily impressed.
We are off to Iceland in a few weeks and I was in need of a decent pair of waterproof boots to take with me. Loved the colour (I’m a pink/purple girl so anything with that in it and I’m sold) and a really good price!

They arrived yesterday. The boots felt really good on, solid, good support around the ankle…and super comfy! I’m so impressed with my first pair and slightly in love with them already. Quality is important and they do look well made.

Thank you!



Dear Frank,

Earlier today I received a shipped package containing a pair of your Hi-Tec boots. The packaging and ancillary materials were impressive. And the boots? Even more so. They're remarkably light (as you know, of course), and an initial mountain hik e here above Lake Chelan suggested remarkably comfortable too.

Overall, a big-time product bravo and thank you!



Dear Frank,

A few days ago, I received a brand new pair of Hi-Tec good looking trainers.

After taking them for a few spins across a couple of different surfaces, I thought that I would send you an email outlining how impressed I am! (quality and comfort)

I would like to thank you for the service that you have provided me.

Thank you, once again.



Dear Frank,

Amongst the many trainers I've purchased over the years, two pairs have stood out for comfort and durability.
- One pair was purchased in Florida on my first trip to the USA in 1994 and are still in use as gardening shoes!

- The second was v ery recently purchased here in the UK and have since walked many miles on the streets of London and country paths, with none of the expected new-shoe pinch & pain.

Both pairs were Hi-Tec!

Enough said - keep on maintaining the standards.



Dear Frank,

A year ago I decided to retire from my teaching job in order to train up to complete a solo trek of 400 miles across Iceland – a lifetime ambition!

I have invested in a pair of Altitude Pro RGS WP boots for my trek. I found them very reas onably priced compared to the other brands. I am confident in my choice that they will protect my feet sufficiently in an environment of rough lava that can be challenging to all boots!

I am placing a lot of trust in your footwear and now I have to place a lot of trust in myself to complete my objective. I like your slogan “Inspired by Life”. Iceland has long inspired me and I hope to make something of my life in the coming months.

Many thanks,



Dear Frank,

About a month ago a bought a pair of your "Altitude Pro RGS" walking boots and I thought I'd let you know what an excellent pair of boots they are. They were comfortable from the word go and I've done several mile hill walks since............... .and they are quite perfect!

In fact, I've been so impressed with them that I've just bought a second pair of these boots. (I've never had such good boots so I decided to snap up another pair before you stop making them.)

Thanks again for such a marvelous product.




Dear Frank,

I've recently purchased a pair of Hi-Tec Waimea sandals for my holiday.

I must say that they have been extremely comfortable having worn them to climb to Ancient Thera,Santorini and were worn daily over uneven terrain.
I have been extremely happy with them!
Having slightly larger feet for a female it is often difficult to buy sandals which are practical and stylish.

Hope you continue to manufacture this and other comfortable sandals in a variety of feminine colours.



Dear Frank,

I wanted to let you know I recently purchased a pair of the Hi-Tec Bandera shoes and they are a pleasure to wear. As soon as I put them on I knew I had gotten a pair of the most comfortable shoes on the market. But then, I wasn't that surprised since the pair I purchased was replacing another pair of Hi-Tec shoes I have worn for over ten years.

Thanks again to you and the Hi-Tec staff for producing a product that is a joy to wear. Keep up the good work.

I'm Hi-Tec Loyal,



Dear Frank,

I recently went on a multiple day hiking trip to the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas. With about 30 water crossing and 9 ridges I was in need of a shoe that could do it all.
I bought a pair of Hi-Tec boots and it was one of the best decis ions I have ever made!
The inside of the shoes never got wet after all of those water crossings! They even stayed dry when I left them out in the rain one night!

The boots were also very comfortable. Sometimes I even forgot I was wearing them!

All in all these boots were a great buy. They let me enjoy my trip to its fullest.

I would like to thank you and your company for creating such a quality product at a great price! I will definitely be purchasing future products as well as recommending products to others. I wish you the best!





Gostaria de vos agradecer pessoalmente por comprarem produtos Hi-Tec. Vivemos num mundo bastante competitivo onde as pessoas têm muito por onde escolher, e, ao escolher a nossa marca está a dar apoio a uma equipa de empregados da Hi-tec bastante entusiasmada e dedicada, que querem desenvolver produtos com excelente design e performance. Ao utilizar produtos Hi-tec queremos que diga: "Wow!! São confortáveis, leves, resistentes, inovadores e lindos". Se tiver algum comentário ou questão, escreva-me, queRo ouvir a sua opinião.

Frank van Wezel – Chairman