7 July 2015

How to break in your new walking boots

How to break in your new walking boots

When we buy a new pair of shoes, we expect instant comfort (unless it’s a pair of 6inch heels). But with walking and hiking boots, we must be realistic and give them a breaking in period, before we take to the mountains. It is not unusual for walking boots to need breaking in and given the time to form to your feet. At first, the boots may seem stiff, so here are a few handy tips on how to break in your walking boots.


Things to consider

When shopping for a new pair of walking boots, consider the fit of the boot, ensure that there is enough room for a comfy pair of midweight socks, but that the lacing system secures your feet well.  If you plan on buying your hiking boots online, look for a good return policy or comfort guarantee which makes shopping online easy and hassle free. This helps to ensure you find a pair of hiking boots that fit without the worry. If they don’t fit, just send them back!


The house stage

The vital part of the breaking in process begins now, so get moving! Start by simply walking around the house in your new boots, whether that be making dinner, cleaning the house or entertaining friends. Just make sure that the boots aren’t worn outside, as the boots must be kept in near new condition in the event that you do need to return or exchange them.

During the ‘house stage’ wear high quality socks, try the Hi-Tec midweight merino socks and this will simulate the fit that you will need for when you are out on the trails. Ensure the boot is adjusted and lined up so it can take shape whilst being broken in. This is the most important stage as the boot will start to form a new shape to support your feet.

It is important to remember that the boots may feel stiff initially, but that this is perfectly normal and all part of the process. However, if you do experience discomfort such as persistent pinching or rubbing, it may be worth returning the boots and trying an alternative style at this stage. If you’re buying direct from Hi-Tec, you can always get in touch with our Customer Services Team for advice on the best boots for you.


Take your boots for a walk

After the initial house phase proves successful, it’s time to get outside for short walks, to try them on different terrains and elevations. Start off with small walks and build up from walking the dog around the park to walking to the shops! Remember to always wear the socks you would when walking the trails.

Once you’re feeling comfortable in your boots during these shorter walks, it’s time to hit the longer trails, working your way up to the more difficult hikes. It’s best to start your boots out for a couple of miles and increase this distance just to see that they don’t start rubbing and causing blisters. After a couple of walks at this distance, your boots should be comfortable and completely broken in and ready for adventure. Make sure to keep your walking boots lined up and laced up properly. Now you’re ready to go the distance – Enjoy!